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The Stone Fox Story

Stone Fox Clothing Co. fuses quality, timeless vintage and retro clothing with classic current styles to create a sustainable - fresh - and affordable way to look and feel your unique self.


Fabulous art inspired prints, vintage denim including and romantic retro dresses are a staple at Stone Fox, and we are ever adding to our collections as we source world wide.

Founded in 2012 as Georgie Girl, and rebranded in 2019 as Stone Fox Clothing Company.

Join the used and vintage clothing revolution!

Thanks for dropping in to our ABOUT page!    Angie Bricker / founder

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Stone Fox Clothing Company provides customers with quality vintage and modern apparel from a wide selection of brands. Our store sells large varieties of Jeans, Blouses, Dresses, Jackets, Sweaters, Coats, Shoes, Handbags and Graphic Tees and our staff is committed to treating each client with the utmost care and attention. Sign up today to receive exclusive offers delivered to your inbox. - Stone Fox Gang

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