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Accepting clothing cautiously and at a distance, and by appointment. Call 250-860-0307 during above hours or use our contact form  ...   click here

Items We Accept:

Vintage and Retro Apparel and Accessories from the 1920's to the 1990's

Current Fashions and Accessories less than 1 - 2 years old high quality & currently trending

CASH OPTION: (Currently unavailable)

Drop in 7 days a week during the hours of 10:30 - 5 with your items to sell

We offer 30% of estimated retail on the spot or 50% Store Credit

If the buyer is not on premise we will take your information and get back to you within 24 hours

Please feel free to call us for an appointment for buying at 250-860-0307 or drop in.


  • We accept consignments seven days a week on a drop-in basis.

  • We accept modern mid-to-high-end clothing, footwear, handbags and accessories including high quality vintage pieces from the 1920s to the 1990s, including highly sought after authentic designer apparel and accessories.

  • Items must be clean, odor-free, and in exceptional condition.

  • We accept items on a seasonal basis.

  • The consignor receives 40% of the selling price of their item.  Items that sell for over $300 are at a 50% rate paid to the consigner. Consigned items are typically kept on the floor for an approximate period of two months. We do not price items on the spot. For more information, preview our consignment contract here.


What you can expect when you arrive...


Drop in with your items Monday to Saturday anytime between 10:30-5:00 or Sundays anytime between 11:30-4:00. We will select the items we consider salable, guide you through our consignment contract, and create your personal consignment account. You will be given a brief description of the items you have consigned. We use a sophisticated and reliable consignment software system to keep track of each consignor’s account and their items. It will typically take 1-3 days for an item to be priced, depending on the time of year. If you wish to know how your items have been priced, you may pick up a complete list of your priced items at any time after they have been entered into the system for sale.


Call for more information at   250-860-0307 




Do you accept current non-vintage fashions?    

   Yes! We are an all-era shop seeking the best quality ladies apparel from the last 100 years.

What criteria do you use to select the garments for re-sale? 

         We  select garments based on their proven popularity for our customers, as well as each item's quality, condition, and unique appeal.

Do you accept formals and wedding gowns?

We do not generally accept formals, prom dresses, or wedding gowns.

How do you know how to price the garments?

         We research brands and pricing for all labels and have been successful since our opening in 2012. Whether the items are current or vintage, we select the prices according to the market value in our region and internationally.

Can I choose the price for my items?

          We encourage our consignors to discuss any unusual or highly sought after designer or vintage pricing with us. Ultimately we determine the prices as we see as best for all.

Do you mark down clothing that does not sell?

       Yes, but we do make exceptions for specialty items with unique appeal.

How do I receive my consignment money?

        You can use the money on your account to shop in-store, you can be paid out in cash if the amount on your account is less that $60.00, or we can issue you a cheque. Cheques are issued on Fridays.

Can I use my money to buy items in the store?

        Absolutely, just ask for the money to be taken off your account at the till!




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