To Bra or Not to Bra?

August 9, 2017

Back in the protesting 60's  feminists gathered at the Atlantic City Beauty Pageant (1968) and sparked the mostly mythological "bra burning" episode that is now the classic symbol of female freedom. No actual bra burning occured as the protesters were unable to secure a fire permit, but garments did end up in the trash.  But, even then, there was evidence that bras, especially very constricting varieties, were not healthy for women to wear, "emancipated" or not.


Don't ya just love this photo of this pixie-cut cheekstar?





 Having lived and experienced the bra thing all my life as a 32B, I cannot claim to have had a hard time fitting into bras. I did wear them, all the time, and in the main they were underwire bras selected to enhance and augment. Until lately I just put up with the discomfort of the wire at various places as a reality of life with bras.



I did notice that some women were wearing bralettes, which are soft and non structured and not padded. Yup, your nipples might kind of show under your shirt.


Since when did nipples become - unsightly?


Enter the V-Bra by Groceries

In spring of 2016 we began to carry Groceries Apparel in Georgie Girl, a completely organic line of beautiful loosely unstructured clothing made in LA. Their signature bralette, the V-bra, became an instant favourite with me and my staff - and many of our customers. I started to wear the V-bra and was instantly hooked on the extreme comfort.



Available in so many perfect colours, these bralettes look and feel fabulous, fit perfectly and are available in sizes XS to XL. Not a single wire or clasp to dig in the body will be found. Bra strap showing? No worries! Looks fine!!


Made in LA using sweatshop free labour, sustainable organic fabrics and some are even veggie dyed!


Pictured below the Groceries Apparel Organic V-bra in 3 of the many dyes available. Myself on Ellis street last spring wearing the Groceries Apparel V-bra and my favourite Groceries Tank shirt and vintage Wranglers and all the bras I washed up and gave to charity (should anyone care to have them?) (:










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