Teamwork at the Film Factory: Lots happening in Kelowna's North End!

September 21, 2017

Shooting a commercial takes time and precision and teamwork.


 I love when a team comes together on a shoot day, many people who have never met before, and step up to their game to get an important job done without hesitation. This happens in the world of independent entrepreneurs and creators who's main motivation is to do a superb job on a project they are a part of.


I was asked by my photographer friend (the most uber talented) Apryl Stead of White Willow Studios (Fashion & Wedding) if I would like to assist her  with the styling for a commercial for Sunrype. It was being shot by the talented team at the Film Factory in their studios on Richter Street in the North End. (Just past Cawston Ave. beside Sandhill Wines.)


I rarely say no to things like that. We can talk about that some other day.<