Teamwork at the Film Factory: Lots happening in Kelowna's North End!

September 21, 2017

Shooting a commercial takes time and precision and teamwork.


 I love when a team comes together on a shoot day, many people who have never met before, and step up to their game to get an important job done without hesitation. This happens in the world of independent entrepreneurs and creators who's main motivation is to do a superb job on a project they are a part of.


I was asked by my photographer friend (the most uber talented) Apryl Stead of White Willow Studios (Fashion & Wedding) if I would like to assist her  with the styling for a commercial for Sunrype. It was being shot by the talented team at the Film Factory in their studios on Richter Street in the North End. (Just past Cawston Ave. beside Sandhill Wines.)


I rarely say no to things like that. We can talk about that some other day.


When I began to think about this styling job and really tried to get my head around it, I hit a dead end. I was looking up images of female factory workers from the era's we were supposed to be repping - the 40's, the 70's and the 90's -  and they all looked the same. White coveralls,  no real distinction between the era's that I could sink my creative fashion loving teeth into.


A few trips to Thrift Shops did make my closets bulge with other silly finds but finding scarce idea where to go with this project.


Apryl came to my rescue with a few inspiration images from farm life in the 40's. THAT stimulated ideas for me. So we can "use a little poetic license" to create the story of Sunrype in the Okanagan Valley? Oh yes.


Trips into my huge collection of vintage apparel rounded up all of what we would need (and spares) for our female worker.


The male was a bit trickier as we needed a set of denim overalls for a TALL fellow and those are apparently hard to find! Thanks to Calowna Costume we found just the right ones! (By the way if you have never been there GO!! Hallowe'en maybe?? AWESOME staff!! GREAT selection of unique costumes!)


The rest was pulled together with details like flat top caps and work oriented shirts.


The magic really started to come together at hair and makeup. It's fabulous to watch the transformation of a model to an era of time. Desiree Thring of Purnama Hair Lounge is a fast mover and adeptly pulls together a 40's victory roll on our gorgeous Deja Vu Model Jessie Liandzis.  Loose Victory Rolls  spoke to the era but did not take away from the casual nature of the idea behind the script - she pulled off that perfectly.



Makeup had to speak of the era but - again - our heroine is supposed to be a factory worker so it must look natural yet have impact. Tricky, but Brianne Bennet Style pulled it off brilliantly.


The male actor was transformed by Desiree with different hairstyles that worked perfectly for each era, and the clothing he wore was spot on for the times. As he and Jessie had to do the same thing time and time again - like 100 or more by the end of the day to capture a few seconds of film - it was quite fun to watch how it all had to work together in perfect timing.


The Film Factory team had an elaborate yet compact set assembled that looked amazing. The idea was to show Sunrype throughout the Okanagan history, so the set was create to adapt to the 3 eras and show the changes yet capture the feeling of being a part of the Okanagan's growth and culture since way back when.


There were many people there to do their part, and it all came together. Including pizza (mostly not burned) and goodies for lunch and loads of strong coffee. Thanks to Craig Pulsifier Photographer as he brewed me one for the books - good thing I love it that way.


Apryl, never to miss a photo opp when the light is right, was able to capture Jessie in her three era's. We had not expected to have the time to make that happen. It was just simply  too  good to miss. Actually, we DID miss shooting Jessie in her 40's apparel so she kindly allowed us to dress her up at the end of the day so we could have it all in order.


Watch for the commercial - we will be sure to share it when it airs...and here are the images!


Hope you enjoy!


And if you are looking for some styles like you see here, we just might have some - we are always on the hunt for "oh shit that's great I love it."