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April 25, 2018

With this being fashion revolution week (April 23d to 29th) there are a few folks who stand out from the crowd because they need no convincing and they just :"got it" since forever.




One of these people is Rachelle Love, founder of Earth & Elle with her partner (Earth) Elliot.


I have known about Rachelle since my daughter Mia came home in Grade 11 with a request for $30 for a "Spirit Hood", which was to be custom designed and created by her friend.


In a few days Mia returned with a beautifully custom made piece that was remarkably unique and well designed having been made by someone so young!


Not to mention Rachelle's apparent intuitive self driven entrepreneurial spirit and work ethic!



Some time later I met Rachelle in person when she visited the shop. At that time she was designing and creating jewelry pieces and anything that inspired her. It was obvious to me that Rachelle was a person who quietly walks to the beat of her own drum, and she would be successful in her designing life. Her commitment to sustainable fashion was set in stone with clear purpose.


Rachelle moved to Pemberton and started Earth & Elle, an organic clothing line. She sources organic and hemp fabrics, creates her designs and sews them for the most part with her own hands. As she is an Okanagan woman, it was a natural instinct to sell her products in Kelowna shops. We were excited to be able to feature Earth & Elle collections in Georgie GIrl and be a small part of her growth as a designer.


We had our first collection from Earth & Elle in the spring of 2017, and continue to feature her line in Georgie Girl to present.


In these days of push push push in business and imitation marketing initiatives built based on what the latest social media stars are into, Earth & Elle is an honest breath of fresh air.  Rachelle takes many of the images for her line and her website herself, and her models for her clothing glow with personal strength and self awareness.


Rachelle can be found designing and sewing her line in Pemberton in the quiet and natural surroundings of the mountains and trees, the perfect setting for the inspiration for her line.


We feature many of her slow fashion garments at Georgie Girl, and are looking forward to what the future will hold for Rachelle and Elliot in future collaborations.




BUY Earth & Elle at

Or come and see at Georgie Girl ...


And JOIN the Fashion Revolution // LINK to more information at








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